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Meet the instructors: Teresa Griffin

Meet the Instructors

Treacle photoIn this issue, we find out all about Teresa “Treacle” Griffin, Water Lilies Swimming School founder / owner / instructor

In 2007, Treacle launched Water Lilies Swimming School. Prior to that Treacle had been a duty manager and swimming instructor for many major pools in the area and decided to start her own swimming school. Today, Treacle has 24 years as a qualified swimming teacher under her belt and Water Lilies Swimming School is teaching over 1,200 babies, children and adults to swim each week.

The STA  presented Treacle the coveted national Sir Henry Pike Award in 2013 for "outstanding contribution to water safety and swimming education”.

Treacle says:

“I have always had a great passion for sport and perhaps should have perused her career as a PE teacher? I have played hockey since I was 15 and when I was younger played hockey at county level for Norfolk many times. I still enjoy a good match and love to captain a team - I am 4th team hockey captain for the Harleston Magpies Hockey Club and have a brilliant team of players who really give it their all, whatever the weather! 

“After working at various large leisure centres as duty manager and teacher years ago I felt there was a need for a more personal style of teaching, and also the need to provide lessons for children in small groups. So, I started teaching at friends’ private pools and teaching friends’ children. My lessons started to get more and more popular so that’s when I started up Water Lilies Swimming School in 2007. The school quickly grew and I was able offer more classes and use more pools. By 2010, there was so much interest in the lessons and the swim school that I was joined by four instructors. And today, we offer classes six days a week with 21 instructors, across eight private pools in Norfolk and Suffolk.

“I do love teaching and get in the pool as often as I can. But as the swim school has grown so too have my office based hours managing and coordinating operations, which I also love. I am often the one on the end of the phone if you ring! I am still in my pyjamas writing this as I am glued to my computer as we get started with the re-enrolments for next term. I am thrilled that we are able to welcome so many local swimmers. Water Lilies Swimming School now teaches more than 1,200 children, babies and adults per week. We will do everything that we can to ensure you receive the best possible tuition and a great experience and to enable all those who wish to join in to take part too. 

“Providing the best possible water safety education, helping children and adults to get active, stay fit and healthy and learn these vital life skills are at the heart of what we do. I was very honoured to be awarded the Sir Henry Pike Award from the STA last year.  And in 2013, Water Lilies Swimming School was invited to be part of the STA's Swim Star Swim School programme for independent schools - assuring you of the highest standards in teaching, training and customer service. 

“I do love what I do and thank everyone who works with me and supports me. Thank you too to my son Jake who is now 21 and my fiancé Darrin who support me all the way. 

“Thank you for swimming with Water Lilies Swimming School, see you in the pool!”

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The Woolnough Trophy goes to...

Congratulations to all the children nominated for the Autumn Term 2014 trophy 


Each term Water Lilies Swimming School instructors nominate two children for their enthusiasm and achievement throughout the term.

The Woolnough Trophy was donated to Water Lilies Swimming School in 2007 and we have awarded the trophy to one of our swimmers every term since.

Winning the Trophy is a great achievement as we teach over 1,200 children.

And the winner is...

We are delighted to announce the September - December 2014 term winner is Lucas Foreman who swims with Water Lilies Swimming School in the Bungay pool. Congratulations Lucas! 

We will be presenting Lucas with his award at his school sharing assembly! More details coming soon..

Well done to all of the children who were nominated for the Woolnough Trophy - recognising their effort and achievement during the Autumn 2014 term. We are delighted to announce the following children are runners up, congratulations to you all:

Lilia Lucas

Esme Roffey

Anna Meade

Fraya Talbot

Zack Hills-Brown

Francesca Hedley

Toby Henderson

Arya Johnson

Alice Ling

Ethan Williams

Riley Croker

George Seaman

Adam Barber

Thea Jackson

Nyree Cambell

Freddie Whimhurst

Samual Crofton Sleigh

Billie Forrest

Max Hinton

Max Deeley 

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